The Idea Society

Project Summary
  1. Role
    UI/UX Designer, Frontend Developer
  2. Project
    App Development
  3. Technologies
    Adobe XD, Figma, Angular, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript

A Place Where Ideas Grow

The goal behind the project was to create a place where people could collaborate together and fill each others lacking skills. A website was invented with the high focus on speed of capturing your thoughts and at the same time enjoying the minimalistic setup so that each idea get's a proper spotlight.

Main Concepts

"Sandwich" navigation

Ideas are quick and if you don't capture in that moment they tend to evaporate. That's why we created a fast system of capturing ideas, where one component would always be available no matter which screen you are on.

Toolbox component

‘Always On’ component available from
all screens

Navigation component

Normal navigation through the website

Idea Card

The idea is displayed on a modal card so you never leave the main screen.

The left panel of the card is static and displaying the main actions for the idea, such as upvoting, collecting it and its' creator.

The right part of the card is dynamic so you can see the explanation but also start the discussion by evolve the idea in the a way of comments.


Each category has a distinct image so when the user see's the card, he can immediately understand to which of the categories the idea belongs.



Collecting the idea utilises the idea card so you never leave the screen. When selecting where to collect your idea for later followup you can add it to multiple collections at the same time.


The following shows some of the many ideas that were floated in the initial stages of the project. Of course, not everything made it into the final product. In fact, we rejected a lot of the ideas because we wanted to focus on the core essentials of what would make the product have the best experience.

User testing and next steps

We recruited users in a study and asked for feedback about the app. Overall, they seemed to really enjoy using the app, but we wrote down some of the feature suggestions that would be good to add/revise:

Live version available here

Other contributors to the project: Igor Drazovic

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